Update 12/22/08: This is a backup of the original I'm O.K. website as capatured by the Wayback Machine and is NOT being hosted by someone that was on the Thompsonsoft team.
Update 2/08/07: Can't play the game? Suck at the game? Want to see someone else play the game? Thanks to Cody Williams and Google Video, now you can.

An Introduction to I'm OK

We'll admit it - when we first heard about Jack Thompson's "Modest Video Game Proposal", we thought it was just another lame attempt by a humorless old man to bring undue attention to himself in order to try and make up for a wasted youth and failing career. Little did we know that "Whacko Jacko" had laid out the blueprint for the seminal game of our generation - a game so gory, so brutal, so devoid of logic and morals that it would make Postal 2 seem like Ms. Pacman. A game so terrible, so repulsive, that a 60-year old serial killer squeezed out his first tear in 40 years when he played the beta. The BETA.

Consisting of 3 alcoholics and a foreign exchange student, Thompsonsoft is a new game company formed around the singular idea that Jack Thompson is the most brilliant game designer in the universe. After reading "A Modest Video Game Proposal", we formed this company to create any game that Jack Thompson designed. Our first title, "I'm OK", is based on Jack's masterful design from "A Modest Video Game Proposal" and it's a murder simulator so cruel, so bloodthirsty, so horrifyingly violent that it makes Grand Theft Auto seem like Sunday Funday.

How does one explain why, in a world overflowing with disease, war, and other horrifying realities, a man would spend 18 years crusading against video games? Easy. You say that it's the most extensive, ingenious marketing campaign for a video game in the history of MAN.

Not since John Romero made us all his bitch have you been this excited about a game, and now it's finally here in your sweaty little hands. We hope you enjoy it. (But only if you're an 18-and-over adult with no prior convictions.)

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